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Sunday, 22 August 2010



Hubberholme Church with cedar tree before it was felled for the safety of the Church 
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Come in, take a seat but watch for the WET

An example of recycling, a 100 year old Cedar tree that was potentially dangerous to the Church nearby has been tastefully converted into a 5-6 person seat. Such is the magic of  the chain saw, sad to see such a lovely tree go though, but at least this is a tasteful re-use of this giant, far better than being grubbed out and left to rot where it fell.

Cedar tables for all, I have no idea where the upper part of the trunk went, my guess it is too valuable to waste, I hope the rough sawn planks are maturing in some wood yard, ready to be used for some classic Yorkshire Dales heavy furniture, or even as constructional timber in a barn conversion.

When these trees are felled like this, they often re-grow, like coppiced hazel or pollarded willows, so I expect on my next visit to see some green shoots emerging from the bark.

Where is this to be seen?
In the Yorkshire Dales village of HUBBERHOLME near Buckden

The seat in juxtaposition with the Church, and some classic Yorkshire "Bedframe"  Four Chest tombs.

For those wishing to visit.  The Church information board

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  1. Some nice images & curiosities.
    Congrats, Gonzo!!!