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Monday, 23 August 2010

/\/\/\/\ a MYSTERY ITEM /\/\/\/\

Classic radio components
Tuning capacitors (condensers)

These were produced for military radios in the 1960's-70's
by JACKSON Bro's a well known British electronic company.

This example is a twin gang of 23pF and 28pF although it looks to be a differential it is not, the fixed plates are mounted on opposite sides. I have no idea which radio this was intended for, I'd guess one of the VHF military radios made by Racal, probably in the 50mHz region, if anyone recognises it I'd really like to know.  I have kept this because it is a classic quality design of a bygone era, not that far gone but from an era when radio's were made from discrete parts instead of lumps of silicone, REAL serviceable stuff.


  1. Dear Gonzo,
    Maybe it's interesting to explain your 'kiek in de kök' sign. It is an old-German expression that means (literally): view in the kitchen.
    That sign stood (I think) near by a watch tower. The soldier could see from their high place through the windows of the cottages in the neighbourhood on the furnace where the women were cooking their meal.
    In the old Nether-german language (a mix of old-German and old-Dutch)that watchtowers were (are?) called kiek-in-de-kök.
    The meaning of that phrase is now-a-days: to have a view at the process of something, more than only looking at the result.
    Greetings from the lowlands and thanks for your conversion of the LP Pyewackett in MP3.
    Good stuff!

  2. Oh Muzoek, Thanks for that info, I do speak some Dutch and German but have never troubled to try a sensible translation, the sign is as you realise humorous to us Brits purely for its pronunciation.

    Glad you liked the Pyewackett, and thanks for dropping by this mad house, a sort of escapeism for me.